Sin is a story of almost every woman in the india. They can’t speak up for themselves and go through all the violence in the home silentl;y. The story writer has captured the point and written this strong and important story. This web series has to be watched by everyone to know and understand the women’s emotions. In the technical views this movie has excelled in all the points from story to end it is the series with passion. Aha web series like this are really informative. Watch thriller web series online only on Aha.



Sin has a very simple and straightforward story which can be understood by anyone who is watching. This web series needed to be watched because it tells the story of everyone who is married. It talks about marital sexual abuse, which is definatly not okay. It is the story of women who cast their voice against the men who are still doing this. So coming to the story, this is about Anand who works in an ngo. He is a person who acts sweet on the face but has lustful thoughts in the mind. He gets married to an innocent and calm woman named nanditha. She gets excited for the wedding and gets happily married. At first she asks Anand to take things slow in the sexual way, he being a man couldn’t control the sexual feelings at all. When the time passes, when ever he wanted to have sex he would just pull the legs of nanditha. Poor women couldn’t help because even family was not supporting her. Meanwhile Nina enters the story as she wants to become a part of the ngo. She becomes really close to the kind Anand, not knowing his real face. Watch the web series to know how Nina will know his face and what happens to Nanditha.

Technical Aspects:

  • This web series is just amazing for it has the most realistic story. The writer and the director have captured all the real feeling and pain that a woman is going through this troma at home.
  • This web series has done a great job in music and background score. They were exactly the music which can be imagined when we think of the series.
  • Sin has the most amazing and talented cast. They brought the emotions and even the culture which is shown was practical.
  • This web series needs appreciation for the most important aspect of cinematography, it was just brilliant that they have captured everything in detail.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Thiruveer Reddy.

Actress: JenifferPiccinato.

Other actors: Deepti Sati, Ravi Varma.

Director: Naveen Medaram

Producer: SharrathMarar

Music: SadasivuniSidharth

Written: Naveen Medaram

Cinematography: Sid Jay, Azeem Mohammad

Other information:

Seasons: 1

No.of Episodes: 7

Release date: 1 April 2020

Genre: Romance, Infidelity, Love Triangle

Box Office: INR 10,000,000 (estimated)

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