Wendy Lin, like all well-meaning parents who would like their children to be bi-lingual, looked for educational materials to greatly help her children learn Chinese easily. She discovered that the available materials weren’t up to par.

Being a certified Chinese language teacher, she wrote the lessons on her behalf 3 children herself.

She knew plenty of parents also had the same dilemma, and she wanted to help provide suitable books. She completed her children’s lessons and developed a textbook series about learning to speak Chinese as a second language.

Wendy Lin’s Practical Chinese books – The Effective Method of Learning Reading, Writing and Speaking Chinese is specially made to teach Chinese as another language. Lessons concentrate on daily conversation and verb use. This differs from the original Chinese language learning style that teaches through writing.

Practical Chinese has 10 levels of books. These are available in both Simplified and Traditional characters. Parents and teachers should be able to find a text and exercises fitted to pre-K to college level. The curriculum of Practical Chinese book series is aligned with the ACTFL (Association of Chinese Teachers Foreign Language)

Practical Chinese exercises are gradually advanced as the student progresses:

– Learn writing characters in the correct stroke order
– Translate words into Chinese
– Ask and answer questions as in real life situations
– Translate sentences, and
– Perform oral presentations.

Also great for self-study

Practical Chinese series has an introduction to Pinyin. It is contained in the level one book. English and Pinyin are used to help students learn even yet in a non-Chinese environment. Lessons are connected; current lessons are built from previous lessons. Workbook and CD/Cassettes are available for each level of Practical Chinese.

Just how did other parents find this parent-written book?

YF from Valley Stream, New York found Practical Chinese an excellent starter book. This parent thinks the repetition in the book is good for YF’s 8 year old child. YF also recommends using the accompanying CD “as you can just play it in the background anytime so your child is subjected to and becomes acquainted with the sounds.”

Linda from Holland, Michigan says her daughter “has learned so much more since starting with this textbook,” while Shirley of Washington said “I’m using this program with my children. It’s ideal for character recognition and conversation. It’s a spiral program so old words are constantly reviewed and expanded with new words. My children are liking it and making good progress. The price is also very reasonable.”

Ms. Wendy Lin is a certified Chinese language instructor. She’s an accomplished educational and working background on the Chinese language, including writing the Chinese curriculum for the Marlboro School district. She is currently tutoring non-Chinese and adoptive families, and writes related articles for media.

Practical Chinese series is widely used by schools and those doing individual Oriental study. Practical Chinese has been found in the united states and Canada, Australia, Guam, Hong Kong, China, Israel along with other countries. Join the parents who are content with their children’s progress in learning Chinese once they order Practical Chinese books.


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