We cannot deny the importance of a knife to our lives today. With its wide-range usability, it is commonly for cooking, cutting, and even entertainment purposes. One of the most used and popular types of a knife is the butterfly knife trainer.

Also known as the balisong trainer, the butterfly knife is characterized to be a foldable pocket knife. It has two handles that distinguish it from other types of knives. With its widespread in the market, there are numerous variations on the knife. Some may offer blades while others have an unsharpened edge. They may also vary in size and materials. Despite the differences, it is essential to have the best butterfly knife trainer fit for your needs and use.

The History behind the Best Butterfly Knife Trainer

  • Its Filipino Roots

Most users and enthusiasts point to the Philippines when discussing the birthplace of the balisong or butterfly knife trainer. According to its history, the usage of such a tool could be traced back to 800 AD. At the same time, the early balisong is crafted for self-defense and utility. In Batangas, a province in the Philippines, the use of this kind of knife is perfected for single-handle use. With this, it can be utilized for a quick and fast knife deployment efficiently.

However, some also attested and denied the lineage of the butterfly knife trainer to the Philippines. Since there is no proper documentation of its origin, people can’t provide sufficient information towards its origin. Despite this issue, it is essential to note that the term “balisong” takes its roots from the Filipino language itself. Lastly, the mass production of the knife started in f1900s and continues to be part of its culture.

  • The French Origin

Some people claim that the butterfly knife trainer started in France during the 15th to 18th Centuries. The French tool named “Pied Du Roi” shows similarity to today’s butterfly knife trainer in terms of its style and form. As a result, it is perceived by many as the first butterfly knife. Thus, it is only brought to the Philippines by Spanish merchants.

According to some images and records, the French version of this equipment is utilized as a measuring tool. The primary purpose of the butterfly knife today, which is for self-defense and flipping, can’t be found in the French story. With this, similar to the Philippine claim, French origin and speculations can’t be proven.

  • The Modern Butterfly Knife Trainer

Despite the confusion on its origin and history, butterfly knife trainers remain in-demand and of great use today. Its benefits can be distinguished into two. First, it can be used for protection and doing daily tasks. As a handy knife, you can quickly bring the knife with ease in your everyday activities. If you decide to have the best butterfly knife trainer, you don’t have to worry about the knife accidentally opening up. With this, it can also be kept on your pockets for self-defense and convenience.

In terms of its other role in today’s society, this type of knife can be maneuvered to entertain its viewers. By having the best butterfly knife trainer, performing tricks and flipping becomes comfortable with practice. Thus, you can easily give a fantastic performance while mesmerizing your audience with this kind of equipment.

Meeting the Best Butterfly Knife Trainer Today

The history of the butterfly knife trainer gave us a new perspective on how this tool changed and developed throughout time. Despite the confusion and mystery that its origin has given us, what’s important is the present importance of butterfly knife trainers today. With the best butterfly knife trainer, you are guaranteed to have a small and lightweight- yet durable pocket knife.


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