Persons are currently seeking ways to protect their identities from being stolen, getting locking mailboxes for residential areas are a good way to prevent identity theft. There is a lot of information that comes via mail that is very confidential and personal. As such these types of mailboxes have become a necessity nowadays. There are a lot of different mailboxes available that can be found online or at a hardware store in your area. There are also other features to the mailboxes so you will not just be getting a lockbox as most people think. Here are a variety of mailboxes for residential areas that you can choose from.

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• Column Mounted Mailboxes – these as their name suggests are mounted inside columns, pilasters or walls. You can usually get these with a matching newspaper box or address plaque.

• Roadside Mailboxes – these can be attached to a post at the end of your driveway close to the side of the road and are also referred to as curbside mailboxes.

• Locking Wall Mounted Mailboxes Residential – these can be mounted to any wall but are usually mounted next to the front door which gives easy access to the mailbox even in bad weather or at night.

• The Curbside Mail Boss Locking Mailboxes Residential – these are similar to the roadside locking mailboxes but are made of different materials which are stronger and guaranteed to not wear.

• The Wall Mounted Mail Boss Mailboxes Residential – these are similar to regular wall mounted boxes except they are made from better material and are not riveted but welded together.

Now that you know the types of locking mailboxes residential you should know what to look for in the particular type of mailbox of your choice. Ensure that the material is weather proof and durable. Plastic boxes can be easily damaged. Choose one that is approved by the postmaster general’s office. Get a size that suits the quantity of mail you receive. If you are not willing to pay for a professional to install it, choose one that is easy to install. You may want to choose a box that I welded together versus just riveted. Choose the locking mailbox residential with lock surfaces that are wrench proof and tamper resistant

Choosing Mailboxes residential is easy once you know what to look for; the types of mailboxes, their functionality, the materials they are made from, and the sizes. You can make a better choice empowered with this information. They are not all just lock boxes as a lot of people think but they can be infused with style and class.

They are those also that give more protection than a lock box inside your regular mail box. The time spent choosing one of these locking mailboxes residential will be well spent when you make your purchase and install your mail box knowing that your identity is no longer compromised in terms of mail theft.


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