Video games have always been the first choice for the young generation. They have been increasing the use of technology in sports. More importantly, it is giving rise to numerous opportunities for engaging learning less. Video games provide a hint of saying adieu to boring theories and welcome the practical mode of learning. Indirectly the technology associated game allows you to exercise your brain. The more you practice, the more you learn. Hence difference video games specific in their features gives you different mode of leaning. However, addictions are on the negative aspect. You learn to stay isolated in the crowd. Losing focus from work is one of the significant drawbacks of playing excessive games. There are some positive counts of video games, giving you the reason behind choosing it as a medium for learning.Image result for video games


There are many positive sides to video games. Some are-

  1. SMART STRATEGY AND ANTICIPATION: dealing with the unexpected problem is a regular thing in video games. You need to keep your steps strategized and anticipated. Video games are the component of a smart world, showing an exciting way of learning the process of strategy. You need to stay awake and alert right from the first step. Keep your brain on constant working mode so that your decision does not cause a delay in your game.
  2. SITUATIONAL CHANGES: video games are a trailer of defense management in an army where should be gunshot ready. You need to put your step based on the situation. There is no second chance of winning once you lose in the game.
  3. PERSEVERANCE: winning at first try is never a compulsion. You need to observe the game first and keep on trying until you succeed. The attitude of staying focussed on one play after prolong defeat is essential to win the game.


Young brains are tender and carry massive space for new learnings. The young minds learn to read and follow instructions seeing the video games. They tend to use match skill in sports and use codes for developing learning skills. You can also learn about math skills. There are a few points of learning when playing video games:

  1. Estimating skills: you master the art of evaluating game conditions and levels. It gives the young brain a hint of conditions prevailing where you need to showcase the estimating skills.
  2. Pattern recognition: the video games have their specific logical inputs if you need to carry forward in the game. The players tend to figure out such intricate patterns and move forward in the game.

Video games are not limited to become the cause of addiction. However, there are various reasons behind the increasing interest of young brains. If we can use the technology of the video game quickly and draft something smart out of it, you will get to introduce with many intelligent minds. Eventually, modern research says you get to meet some brilliant brains evolving from playing constant video games. However, if we can keep an eye on addiction, allowing the young mind to play in limitations, we can surely give rise to the best brains of the word.


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