Who doesn’t know Amazon? This giant company is very well known throughout the world. Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. The Amazon company is based in Seattle, Washington, United States. Of course you also are familiar with the word Amazon right? Yes, Amazon is indeed the name of one of the largest rivers in the world and that’s where the name of the Amazon company was taken.

Amazon’s founder is Jeff Bezos. Now he has become one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world throughout modern history. Even the net worth of US $ 165 billion.

Jeff Bezos founded the Amazon company in July 1994. Initially Amazon.com started with an online book store where book sales became its mainstay. Then along with its development, Amazon became a seller of DVDs, VCDs, MP3s, software, electronic goods, and others. Even now Amazon is one of the most complete online trading places in the world.

Maybe most people already know Amazon and use it to shop. However, what about the background and services offered by Amazon? Did you find out?

The Amazon company itself accounts for 51% of the total growth of all e-commerce in the United States. In addition, Amazon also accounts for 24% of the total growth in the United States retail market.

Then, what about the facts of other Amazon companies? Have you found out? It turns out there are still some facts that many people have not known before. Therefore, if you want to know any facts about Amazon that you don’t know yet. Let’s look at the following facts.

10 Amazon Facts You Never Knew

Fact # 1: Name Before Amazon
Before this e-commerce company was named Amazon, there were several other names that had been chosen by Jeff Bezos, such as “Cadabra” (taken from the words “Abracadabra”) and “without stopping” (non-stop).

However, lawyer Jeff Bezos assured that “Cadabra” did not show a miraculous name at all. In fact, the word “Cadabra” sounds similar to “corpse”. Creepy huh? Although the word “nonstop” does not show the name of the company at all, but Jeff Bezos likes the name. He assumed that the name was enough to buy a domain name. But, now the nonstop.com website has changed to the Amazon.com home page.

Fact # 2: Amazon Ever Launched Auction Site
At the beginning Amazon became a public company, it launched an auction site to compete with other competitors in e-commerce.
And in 1991, on the day Amazon launched the auction site, Amazon shares immediately rose by almost 8%.

Fact # 3: Amazon Launches Search Engines in 2004
Amazon launched a search engine in 2004 namely A9.com. and started a project called “Block View”.
Block View is a visual yellow page that can allow users to see addresses and directions to their destination. The search engine was launched by Amazon before the Google search engine company had “Street View” in its map application.

Fact # 4: AmazonSmile
AmazonSmile allows users to support their chosen charity when they shop while smiling.
AmazonSmile Foundation donates 0.5% of the purchase price of products that are worth buying AmazonSmile.

Fact # 5: Amazon Uses Image Recognition Technology in Application Forms
The application is Flow. Flow provides facilities to users when shopping.
With the help of the Flow application, Amazon users don’t need to memorize their shopping lists. Amazon Flow will help users to take pictures (photos) using mobile phones, applications, and cellphone cameras.

Flow is a standalone application that when integrated with Amazon applications, users can find products found on Amazon. They can also buy these products without the need to type or scan bar codes.

Fact # 6: Helium 10 is the best FBA business tool.
If you need to do it in Amazon business, then Helium 10 is the most recommended thing that you can do almost everything with your store. You can learn more here before you buy Helium 10 from their official website. It is the most complete Helium 10 review, covering the pros and cons of the software and how to get the most out with Helium 10.

Fact # 7: Amazon.com Incorporated Has Patent Rights for One-Click Ordering Technology (Single Click)
Now Amazon already has a purchase license with just one click (single click).

Fact # 8: Amazon Invites Some Users to Become Amazon Vine Reviewers
Amazon product reviews will be compensated when reviewing company products.
However, unfortunately the Amazon vine review group was only opened to a small number of people from top class reviewers.

Fact # 9: Amazon.com Develops a Futuristic Delivery System
Prime Air is a futuristic shipping system developed by Amazon.
Prime Air allows Amazon to send packages to their customers in just 30 minutes using small unmanned aircraft. Amazon has written a letter to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ask permission to conduct unmanned aircraft testing in the United States.

Fact # 10: In 2018, the Amazon stock market reached IDR 12.990 trillion.
Very fantastic number right? Even Amazon’s stock capitalization can threaten the position of the Apple company. Amazon is known as an e-commerce business. However, besides e-commerce businesses, it turns out that Amazon also has Cloud Computing-based services, namely Amazon Web Services (AWS), which are also the company’s revenue.



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